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13-02-13, 18:01

First I would like to apologize for writing in English but, as much as I'd like to, I don't speak German. Okay, now to my question:

I've been playing the Power Games single mission for hours now and I've manged to defeat all the parties. I started building my cities when I got a quest from Devi (S.A.A.T.) to research the Hydroelectric dam blueprint in the Academy, which requires the Alwinic Anion Catalys prototype. I was lead to believe that this prototype can be either bought from Trenchcoat (I bought it from him in other games), gotten as a quest reward, discovered through researching modules at the Laboratory or found through sending your ships on expeditions.

Okay, so I've been doing these things for hours. I mean literally hours. I got all of the prototypes, each and every one in large quantities, except the Alwinic Anion Catalyst. My question is as follows: is this a bug of sort, or am I the unlickies Anno 2070 player ever?

Next I'd like to ask you, in order to satisfy my 5000 executives needs, do I really need to populate every island, or even more for one type of production (as needed?) and have about thirty trade routes on top of that? I'm having trouble producing all the required materials in such quantities and need to complement it constantly from other island. Like... I need to have two full islands f or just burger production?! What about the Eco's? Any help and tips will be appreciated.

Thanks, Tilen.

13-02-13, 18:30

Zunächst möchte ich für das Schreiben in englischer Sprache zu entschuldigen, aber so viel wie ich möchte, ich spreche kein Deutsch. Okay, nun zu meiner Frage:

Ich spiele den Machtspielen einzigen Mission für Stunden und ich habe jetzt manged um alle Parteien zu besiegen. Ich begann mit dem Bau meiner Städte, wenn ich eine Quest von Devi (SAAT), um das Wasserkraftwerk Blaupause in der Akademie, die den Alwinic Anion Catalys Prototypen erfordert Forschung bekam. Ich war zu der Annahme, dass dieser Prototyp kann entweder aus Trenchcoat gekauft werden (Ich kaufte es von ihm in anderen Spielen), bekommen als Questbelohnung entdeckte durch die Erforschung Module im Labor oder gefunden durch Senden Ihre Schiffe auf Expeditionen.

Okay, also habe ich diese Dinge tut, für Stunden. Ich meine buchstäblich Stunden. Ich habe alle der Prototypen, jede und jeder in großen Mengen, mit Ausnahme der Alwinic Anion Catalyst. Meine Frage lautet wie folgt: ist das ein Bug der Art, oder bin ich der unlickies Anno 2070 Spieler aller Zeiten?

Weiter Ich mag würde Sie bitten, um meine 5000 Führungskräfte Bedürfnisse zu befriedigen, kann ich wirklich brauchen, um jede Insel bevölkern, oder sogar noch mehr für eine Art der Produktion (nach Bedarf?) Und haben etwa 30 Handelsrouten oben auf, dass ? Ich habe Probleme Herstellung aller benötigten Materialien in solchen Mengen und müssen es ständig ergänzt von anderen Insel. Like ... Ich muss zwei volle Inseln f oder nur Burger Produktion haben? Was ist mit dem Eco? Jede Hilfe und Tipps sind wir dankbar.

Thanks, Tilen.
das sagt er
!! very bad english !!
To get the Alwinic anion Catalys you must investigate anyway. I'll empfele the control module (+ 25% production in each building) to develop again and again.
at games makes you keto yes after about 2 hours if you have the defeated, you can first enjoy a break because the stupid AI in anno 2070th end finish and not let yourself on every free island rather build one kontor.

because the 5000 exes I do not understand what you want. gives you problem-they provide or they AREAS

13-02-13, 23:47
Hey! I think I understand what you said. But the problem is, I have spent SO MUCH time looking for the prototype and I only get the other ones. Seriously, my warehouse is getting full from all the other prototypes.

Also, isn't the Underwater Recycling Station (underwater building modules production building) supposed to be unlimited? In my Power Games mission, I have just depleted the granules on an underwater island. This is, as far as I know, not supposed to happen.

What's going on here?

And to help you out, I have translated this for you:

Hey! Ich glaube, ich verstehe, was du gesagt hast. Aber das Problem ist, ich habe so viel Zeit damit verbracht, für den Prototyp und ich bekommen nur die anderen. Ernsthaft, das ist mein Lager immer voll von all den anderen Prototypen.

Auch ist nicht die Underwater Recycling Station (Unterwasser Baumodulen Fertigungshalle) soll unbegrenzt sein? In meinem Power Games Mission, habe ich gerade das Granulat auf einem Unterwasser-Insel erschöpft. Dies ist, soweit ich weiß, eigentlich nicht passieren.

Was ist denn hier los?

14-02-13, 13:01
@ tikopiko
First of all congratulations that you have managed to defeat all enemies, that in itself is a major achievement and it took me many hours and frustration and many peace and truce treaties with Mister Strindberg during which I could gather sufficient power and weapons to get at him in the end. To answer your question I am afraid that I may not know all the ANNO buzz words in English for items, buildings etc. but I shall try my best.

Regarding the Alwinic Anion Catalyst I am afraid but it is time and search that you need. And lots of money to change the items offered by the third parties until they actually offer this specific item. My fingers were quite tired from pressing the key to make that item offer change.

Another way is to build severyl laboratories and to built as many things as you afford. One promising item is called "Steuerungsmodul" - when you click on the lab building a chart opens and it is third rown down and third item from the left. Produce this umpteen times and mayber you will get the catalyst.

Or you can visit Mr. Ebashi at the bottom of the sea and open the diplomacy menue. Select "technology scanner" and he will send you on underwater errands to find items, do this as often as possible and you may find the catalyst. And you can also search the bottom of the sea with a submarine by yourself and look out for clicking arrows indicating items to be found.

So all you need is time, money and patience !!!

Regarding your second question I also do not quite understand your problem. You have to build 5000 executives for Eco and Tycoon and they should each be on one seperate island. And to make them happy and tax paying citizens - after all you also need to accumulate a lot of money - they should be fed sufficiently. Should you run out of space for production plants just go and buy the items for 25% productivity increase; 3 items mean 75% reduction of required plants.

Should your question hint at something else just let me know.

14-02-13, 14:10
Thank you very much for your replies. I have researched many modules in the laboratories, I have used the technology scanner a lot of times as well as sent my ships on expedition. Like I said, my warehouse is getting full of prototypes.

Yes, I managed to get 5000 executives on one island now, thanks. It took much patience.

However, other than the Alwinic Anion Catalyst problem, I am concerned about the Underwater Recycling Station for building modules. It is supposed to produce building modules endlessly (limitless supply) as of patch 1.06, but in my game it got depleted!

14-02-13, 15:25
Its so long ago, that i have play this mission. But i have during the mission the same problem, i search and search and search and found nothing. And then, iam not sure in which moment it was, i found 3 alwinic anion catalys prototype at different positions. For example by the feature of Mr. Ebashi and by searching at Threnchcoat, how said, i dont know the right moment. But i think it was after getting 5000 Executives or after building a Monument. Try to build a monument. Sorry, my english is bad, i learn it for over 20 years.

15-02-13, 16:09
I finally got the prototype, right after starting to build my Eco civilization. I even got three. Maybe there is something to it.

But I still have a problem with the underwater recycling station. It is supposed to be endless but I depleted it. This is a game bug.

Your English is fine and thank you for your replies.