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11-02-13, 22:59
First, I didn't want to buy FarCry3, because of that uplay thing which really sucks. Due to the great feedback it got of several sites, I decided to buy it anyway, because it could be the genre of shooter I really like.

In the end I have to say, it's by far the best single player shooter I've ever played. I already did wish that STALKER was something like this game back in the days, but it was flawed, bugged and had some mechanics which didn't work out too well (was fun though, no offense to the developers of STALKER, was a nice game in the end anyway). And now I basically got what I wanted in a single player shooter.

The story is awesome, the characters well designed, it has a lot of hours of fun, a lot more than usual shooters have.

Thanks everyone who worked on that. And - to your QA-Team: I really did not find one single damn bug in the game (yet, I'm still not done with everything :D). That's unexpected today, where mostly unfinished games are released. I don't know about how FarCry3 was at release, but it can't have been bad at all, and if, you did a great job fixing it up :).

Keep on rocking! Was worth every cent (and 60 isn't that cheap :p). And don't mess up with FarCry4 for fast money as EA does. Take the time to make another epic game.

11-02-13, 23:08
Who payed you to join the german Ubioft forum and write this down ? ;)

12-02-13, 08:35
Lol yeah Great News. Haha i liked the Game too :-)))))?