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27-12-12, 20:39
Hi Folks,
here's a little script for the Freeware program "GlovePie" i wrote to control the ingame vehicles via gamepad.
The movement section is a lille bit larger, cause there is still a difference between land/water and air vehicles.
Keyboard and mouse are not influenced and still full working ;)

Hope you find it usefull.

Copy this:

// Left side is the key you want to emulate
/* Right side is the gamepad button, the number
of the button depends on your pad.
// Movement
Key.LEFT = Any.Left
Key.RIGHT = Any.Right
Key.UP = Joystick1.Button8
Key.DOWN = Joystick1.Button7
Key.A = Any.Left
Key.D = Any.Right
Key.W = Joystick1.Button8
Key.S = Joystick1.Button7
Key.Space = Joystick1.Button3 // handbrake
Key.End = Joystick1.Button6 // enter vehicle
Key.C = Joystick1.Button5 // change seat
Key.G = Joystick1.Button1 // light
Key.R = Joystick1.Button2 // radio on/off
Key.T = Joystick1.Button4 // change title
Key.Escape = Joystick1.Button10 // pause menu