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20-12-12, 02:07
Hello anno players,

Since yesterday evening, me and my friends aren't able to download our profile when we start up anno 1404 venice. The error messag we recieve contains:
Info : Download failed.

We tried to create an other online profile with the profile manager, but Ubi won't allow us to connect with the servers.
I tried myself to reinstall anno, still not able to log in.

What to do since there are no recent messages of this problem?

20-12-12, 11:09
This problem has been happening to me ever since I switched to Windows 8 a few weeks ago. All my new online profiles disappear from the Ubisoft server after 3 days, at most. There is pretty much nothing you can do if your online profile disappears. You should contact Ubisoft and ask them to restore your profile on the server (with your copy of the profile on your pc so don't delete them, if they can).
You should be able to create a new online profile, though, at any time (probably a problem with the servers yesterday, or with your password). I've done so about 10 times recently, and all profiles got lost within days...
I'm not sure what is going on here. I've had one problem before with a profile (at the early stages of 1404). It is clear that the profile system was badly designed/programmed in some way but it has gone out of bounds in the past few weeks. The problem is known, and there are messages abound (in the german forum part).

20-12-12, 16:59
Well, ceating a new online profile helped, I'm able to join the session list now. Thanks for that solution! Too bad we aren't able to load our saved multiplayer game properly.

15-09-16, 20:26
it's so sad to read that this problem is live since 2012 and still happening. lost 400 hours of gameplay.. profiles started dissapear and unable to download out of nowhere..
and created new profiles gets lost agter a day or two as well. can;t believe this is happening. life is ruind :((