Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Find and remove wrong added Weaping in mapeditor

06-12-12, 14:45
Hey there,

perhaps anyone of you have the same problem like me.
Ive been sitting days on creating a new multiplayer map. Added Houses, trees, lights and so on - simply athmosphere :) - but Ive made one big Mistake. Ive added WEAPONS as well, because I thought this wouldnt be a problem. But I was wrong.
Now the Problem is I cannot find all the planted weapons again.
Are there anybody out there how has the same problem and a solution to remove the weapons again? Without creating the map completly new from scratch.
Are there Weapon Symbols to activate?

Pls help

Thanks a lot

09-12-12, 01:17
Try to double click the error massage in the validation tool.
If the tool shows you a yellow (!) then the object will be automaticly removed.
Im not sure about it, but thats my observation with ammo crates.

09-12-12, 12:04
Hey, thanks for your tip!. After the validation a yellow (!) has been shown.
So first I've really tried to find the "damn" ammunition pack/weapon , but in the end I said to myself, just upload and give im a try. It disappeared :).