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15-07-12, 03:16
I bought this game about 12 hours ago via steam and have not been able to play it as I keep getting an error about the server connection. My UPlay account is fine, I've opened all ports on my router, used a DMZ and tried every trick in the book to make sure there's nothing that can stop my PC connecting to the game server. Why, then, am I unable to pla this game? It's un-freakin-believable that this kind of issue can still happen.

Please advise either how to connect to the server (I have not played it yet so it is not authenticated, hence no offline option) or how to get a refund.


18-01-15, 10:27
I am having the same issue. I have had the game almost since the launch day and it's worked fine until about 3 months ago when I installed assasins creed 2. After that the game would no longer connect to the server. I have changed no setting on my firewall and it has worked fine in the past. I pissed off as you can imagine as this was my favorite game. How can Anno 2070 have server issues? More to the point why can a 100k budget game have better connectivity than a 1mil budget game?