Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : FU.. you Ubisoft

29-06-12, 23:13
Fu... you Ubisoft and your bullshit consolen crap! Most of the time one spends looking at a game without crashing like this. And when you find a you will kick becasue lose server connection. You can pick your console crap and put in elsewhere. Patched finally the shit!
Besides these is your P2P network just crap. Provides server kindly for disposal!

- lose server Conections because of this shit P2P network
- bugy lobby. Cant play with friends because of this shit P2P network
- mouse problems and wrong buttons because this is consolen crap

29-06-12, 23:18
Wrong place. Check out the UK forum.

29-06-12, 23:40
BTW...fu already means "fuck u", u as in you. So I guess they'll rather laugh about the suggestion to fuck themselves themselves. xD

30-06-12, 00:12
Die beiden Punkte stehen für "ck". Somit ist das schon richtig. Allerdings glaube ich auch, dass Englisch nicht seine native Sprache ist.