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25-06-12, 15:18

b.t.w. Is somebody of You there next weekend? :rolleyes:

Ich üb schon mal a bisserl.

MIt o`leary ab Bremen hin und zurück 70 EUR.
Leihwagen round about 45 EUR. Fahrdauer ca. 20 Min ab Stanstedt.
Taxi ca. 45 EUR.

Geiler geht es nicht

Und dann wäre da noch das: http://videos.pcgames.de/video/9160/DCS-P51D-Mustang-Trailer-stellt-die-Flugsimulation-vor
Ist ja auch von der Fighter collection!

With only three weeks to go to this year’s Flying Legends Air Show on Saturday 30 June and Sunday 1 July, The Fighter Collection and IWM Duxford are delighted to announce some of the stunning aircraft that will be flying in this year’s extravaganza event.

Flying Legends sees the air show debut of The Fighter Collection’s Republic P-47G Thunderbolt 42-25068 ‘
Snafu’, one of only two Curtiss-built examples left in the world. (See Editors Notes for a full aircraft biography).
The Sikorsky S-38 makes its UK debut at Flying Legends. An American twin-engine eight-seat amphibious aircraft, it was sometimes called ‘The Explorer’s Air Yacht’ and was Sikorsky’s first widely-produced amphibious flying boat. In addition to serving with Pan American Airways and the United States Army, the Sikorsky S-38 was owned by numerous private individuals, including aviators Howard Hughes and Charles Lindbergh.
Making a welcome return following their debut UK air show appearance at Flying Legends last year is the Flying Bulls’ Lockheed P-38 Lighting and the Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair. The Flying Bulls’ stunning aerial performances will no doubt wow the crowds at Flying Legends.
Flying Legends is famous for presenting a unique combination of remarkable aircraft in superb aerial displays and this year is no different.
Over fifty aircraft will be participating, including two Hispano Buchon; eight Spitfires covering various marques, including two Mark One variants; three Hawker Sea Furies; three Hawk variants including the Hawk 75, the P40B and the P40F; three marques of YAK fighters; a Fiesler Storch and a Lysander. Three First World War aircraft – the Nieuport 17, Fokker DR1 and Sopwith Triplane - will fly together for the first time. The ever-popular Breitling Wingwalkers will perform as a two-ship display. And of course, there will be displays by the famous IWM Duxford-based B-17 Flying Fortress,
Sally B. and the PBY Catalina Miss Pick Up.
The legendary Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Supermarine Spitfire, Avro Lancaster and Hawker Hurricane will display on Saturday 30 June only, while on Sunday 1 July only the Aerostars perform stunning aerobatics.

25-06-12, 19:13
nächstes Jahr bin ich dabei...
ganz ganz sicher....

@Blauer Max

da werde ich noch mal wegen Unterkunft und Leihwagen auf Dich zukommen... ggf. teilen...

26-06-12, 08:10
bin auch mit meiner Holden vor Ort, an beiden Tagen samt media accreditation, also ganz nah an die schönen flieger ran :)
wird vor allem spannend, wies wetter wird, hab in Duxford von Nebel, Niesel und grad mal 15 Grad bis hin zu Sonne und 35 Grad alles erlebt....
naja, die museen sind ja auch sehr genial, sollts doch eher regnen.....