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05-02-12, 14:02
Entschuldige dass ich auf Englisch schreibe: Ihr seid sehr wilkommen auf Deutsch zu beantworten!

Hi all,

The biggest difficulty of making tutorial vids like the Spitfire Mk. I movie I just did is to get a list of the correct aircraft operations. A script for the videos, in short.

I got lots of help from Flea's very comprehensive pdf (http://www.flightsimvids.com/op2gvsapinst_3710.1b.pdf.zip), and based on that one I made my own "quick guide" (see below).

What I need is a SIMILAR check list for the Bf-109E (manual prop pitch), because that is the one that will star in my next video. Do you think you can help me out? Not necessarily with the whole thing, but maybe just with bits and pieces of the complete list.

Importantly, I don't want just "educated guesses". I'd like it to be the proper historical procedure as amended for Il-2 CoD. What do I mean by that? Well, for instance in the case of the Spit it is not necessary to flick the magnetos on before ignition. It is done automatically in this sim when you press ignition, which I think is a good compromise between realism and playability (Basically, pressing "i" is short for "throwing the magneto switches and then engaging the starter".

Many arcane and superfluous steps have been omitted from the sim, and I'd like to weed them out of the "quick guide" too.

So, do you think you can help me with something like this, but for the 109?:


Fuel cock Open
Mixture lever Rich
Throttle Idle
Prop pitch Fine
Radiator Fully open

RPM ~2800
Boost Not above +6.25
Take-off +85 mph
Climb speed 160 mph

Mixture lever Rich
Prop pitch Fine
Gear down Below 160 mph
Flaps down Below 140 mph
Landing speed 90 mph

- What aditionally would be really great is to also have the explanation for (for instance) the dials and why a particular ATA boost level is correct. In the Bf-110 for example, the ATA has "d", "15" and "30" on the dial, meaning the boost that is acceptable for (infinite) "duration", and for 15 and for 30 minutes. It is stuff like that I need to explain in the videos.

Also settings for climb and for cruise are needed, as well as the spin recovery drill.

For the next video I would like to also include trimming the plane, which is missing from the Spittie vid, but which I should have included.

Anyway, I thank you for your contributions and I hope we can nail this!

05-02-12, 14:19
Also, dass heisst der Bf-109E-1/3...

05-02-12, 15:19
Hier findest du alles genau beschrieben:
In wieweit das dem offiziellen Startprozedere der Luftwaffe Nahe kommt kann ich dir auch nicht sagen...

05-02-12, 17:10
Die fotos funktionieren für mich nicht dort... - Vielleicht deswegen das ich kein Mitglied bin?

Es ist wichtig für mich das es der offizielle Benutzermetode ist, nich nur "was funktioniert"...

05-02-12, 20:07
OK, dann halt der Link! Ist allerdings für eine G2!

06-02-12, 00:49
try this one:


Start-Up only, it´s the direct link to the article of Doelf-Ogi (he posted one where you could choose the airplane first).

It´s working for me.

Nice vid with the Spit. by the way! Thanks!