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04-02-12, 20:15
Bitte entschuldige dass Ich auf Englisch schreibe, aber der video ist auch auf Englisch...

Helf mir mit meiner nächste video auch, wenn Ihr könnt!
Bf-109E "manual pitch"... :)

Hi all,

I put up a new movie, and this time it is a bit more useful than the fun vids I've made so far. It is my best attempt at a Spitfire Mk. I Tutorial movie.

Find the movie on my web site: www.flightsimvids.com (http://www.flightsimvids.com)
http://www.flightsimvids.com/Spitfire.Mk.I.Tutorial.500px.jpg (http://www.flightsimvids.com)

There is a LOT more work to making a tutorial video than to my usual vids for pure amusement, so I hope you will appreciate the effort! (Even if perhaps not the result...)

If you haven't enjoyed the superb fun that is flying with Complex Engine Management in Il-2 CoD maybe now is the time!

- The Spitfire modelled in CoD really gives a tremendous feeling of raw power wrapped inside a beautiful, streamlined aeroplane. When you master it (I'm still not quite there) you will have a great feeling of the sky belonging to you, zooming around effortlessly at the flick of a wrist and the slight push of a lever. There is heft and inertia to the plane, and it can be quite daunting to take it up, but it DOES help that one's behind is not on the line, and that the hierarchy won't have that behind served on a platter if you muck up...

I can only imagine the excitement and fear that must have gripped young recruits back then, 70-odd years ago, when they first walked out to a parked Spitfire before taking her up. Actually, I can imagine it much better now that I have flown it in CoD.

Big thanks go to 2GvSAP_Flea, who helped me a lot with the video, and whose super-impressive "Il-2 CoD Aircraft Operations Checklist" (http://http://www.flightsimvids.com/op2gvsapinst_3710.1b.pdf.zip) can be found on my web site as well. Also thanks to jf1981 (1C forums), whose comments and quick guide helped a lot too. I made my own quick guide (partly based on Flea's pdf and jf1981's document) and linked it at the web site too (http://www.flightsimvids.com/Il-2.Cliffs.of.Dover.Spitfire.Mk.I.Quick.Guide.by.Soe ren.Dalsgaard.txt), for those who want to just jump into the Spit and get her into the air. And maybe even land...

Pls comment if you think I should correct some things in the movie, or well, if you just feel like it...

05-02-12, 02:12
Thanks for the Parameters of Enginemanagement for that Airplane :)